DPF / FAP maintenance and repair
Particulate Filter - professional removal

We are removing particulate filters.

The service is carried out without interfering with the motor controller, with an additional electronic module (emulator), which sends signals such as a workable particulate filter.

The program is individually adapted to your car.


Filter DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter )

is a filter which is standard equipment of every modern car with a diesel engine. About the existence of a vehicle driver usually finds out when the vehicle dashboard indicator appears in the particulate filter, while decreasing engine power and increases fuel consumption.


Vehicle immobilizer - factory immobilizers repair and others.


We offer:

Diagnosis and repair of electronic automotive systems.
Chassis Dynamometer - Power measurement and tuning of the individual.

Modifications to mechanical motors.



We have a professional brand chassis dyno dynoproject allows performing measurements of the 4x4.

We make every effort to make DynoProject was associated with the highest quality products and professional customer service

Our software allows you to display during measurement, a drawing on a regular basis, of power and torque. After finishing tuning or diagnosing customer gets a full report in the form of a graph.

The chassis dynamometer is an invaluable tool in the process of " tuning " map. Allows the presentation of a graph power and torque as well as the values of the ratio of fuel to air, oil temperature, exhaust and turbo boost pressure. The effects of any changes in the control program have their real reflection on the charts.


Chiptuning - Modifications to software control units combustion engines.

Each program made ​​individually according to customer.
Ability to prepare the program for motor sports. Individual tuning vehicles.


Chiptuning remapping

We are increasing engine power by modifying the software on your computer by controlling its work. Modern internal combustion engines are steerable through electronic systems which have replaced mechanical systems, or air offering more precise control over all operating parameters.
It is no longer a central computer and the entire network composed of sensors, drivers, engine, gearbox, traction control, ABS, etc..
These modules communicate with each other and continuously based on data obtained from the sensors determine the optimal settings for the mechanical components. Optimal according to the manufacturer but not necessarily by the user, hence the frequent need to modify the operating parameters of the engine or is it a different system. Require changes in the software in the module that supports the system.



We are able to clone each family ECU EDC17 and MED17.

Ability to disable TPROT (tuning protection), after this surgery, there is the possibility of programming the OBD.
Driver Repair because bad flashing.

Ability to disable vehicle immobilizer.